A Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Your Damaged Teeth

Cosmetic Dentist Springfield Township, NJ

Tooth damage can be caused by several factors, and a cosmetic dentist has the training and expertise to help you repair and restore your tooth. A thorough examination of your oral health is essential for effective and durable treatment. Damages to the tooth must be treated promptly to prevent tooth loss or further complications that may require costly or complex treatment.

How a cosmetic dentist can help

Fixing a damaged tooth with long-lasting results begins with a dental exam to ascertain the health and function of your teeth. Both structural problems and injuries can affect the function of the bite and prevent proper teeth alignment. This could eventually cause wear, damage and TMJ disorders. The cosmetic dentistrsonalized treatment plan to treat both functional and cosmetic issues with the teeth. The following are different dental treatments that may be applied to restore a damaged tooth:

Tooth bonding

Tooth bonding is a conservative treatment that can be completed in one dental appointment. The cosmetic dentistrepare your teeth and apply the tooth-colored bonding material on the same day. Afterward, the bonding material will be shaped and adjusted properly and hardened. It is a good option for young patients with tooth damage and cosmetic concerns.

Although bonding is not as sturdy as a dental crown, it can be remarkably effective for fixing minor cracks and chips. It also serves as a non-invasive option with no need for anesthesia, which makes the treatment ideal for younger children.

Dental veneers

Created from high-quality porcelain material, dental veneers can transform your teeth with amazing and long-lasting results. They are custom-made for the patient and bonded onto the surface of the teeth to mask tooth damage, stains and close spaces between the teeth.

Dental crowns

This is one of the most universal teeth restorations available. A dental crown is versatile and provides sturdy, durable results for cosmetic and oral health issues. A cosmetic dentist would suggest a porcelain crown due to its similarity with the natural teeth

Although dental bonding is suitable for many cases, some tooth damage requires a more extensive treatment that necessitates more than one visit. Dental crowns are the best choice if the tooth has lost most of its structure to severe decay and trauma. It sits like a cap on the damaged tooth.

Placing the dental crown requires a minimum of two dental visits. To prepare the tooth for crowning, the cosmetic dentist will first remove any decay or damage and shave down the tooth to ensure a perfect fit for the dental crown. This option is comfortable and restores the shape and function of the healthy tooth.

In conclusion

Suffering teeth damage can be painful and worrisome. If you have a damaged tooth, visit a cosmetic dentist immediately to discuss how to restore the tooth. Depending on the severity of the damage, the dental expert will offer you different options and advise you on the best cosmetic treatment for the damaged tooth.

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