An Emergency Dentist Can Use Dental Veneers to Restore a Damaged Tooth Quickly

Emergency Dentist

As an emergency dentist, we treat all types of dental emergencies.  Perhaps the most common is when someone damages a tooth playing sports, in an accident, running around with the kids, etc.  While strong, the tooth can easily become cracked or chipped and when this happens it is important to seek help right away.  We offer extended hours so that you can call our office for immediate help, rather than visiting the hospital emergency room or dealing with prolonged discomfort.  In this situation, many of our patients decide to get dental veneers as a restorative solution. Essentially a veneer is a dental crown that is only placed over the front portion of the teeth. If you have teeth that you do not love, or they are cracked and chipped, we can help you.

In the first appointment, we will triage the tooth, addressing any immediate discomfort or health concerns.  We will also assess the damaged to see if dental veneers are right for you or if you crowns or a dental implant. In the majority of cases, you will be fine with dental veneers. The first decision you need to make concerning your veneers is the color you want them to be. This may seem like a simple decision, but it is important to remember two things. First you have probably never had to make this decision before. Mother Nature picked your natural teeth, and you were stuck with what you got. Second, you do not want your teeth to be so white that they blind a person looking at you and look like they are plastic fakes.

In years past picking the color of your dental veneers was a lot less interesting. This is because there were limitations both in terms of the technology and thinking. The technology restricted a veneers dentist to a sixteen shade color palette to choose from. Technology improved and now we can offer you teeth that are whiter than what you have now by performing a teeth whitening procedure before placing your permanent dental veneer. We can also color match to your other teeth and match it to their existing shade.  The last element to picking the perfect color for your teeth is the opacity. Naturally occurring human teeth are not opaque. They are translucent, allowing a small quantity of light to pass through them. This allows the teeth to have that radiant quality that is so cherished among patients. Using extreme skill and artistry, we will ensure that your veneers match the level of opacity exuded by your natural teeth. This ensures that the tooth with the dental veneers looks like it fits with your surrounding teeth. This is often done in a two-step process and as an emergency dentist, we will begin fitting you for a veneer after addressing your immediate health concerns.  The good news is that when you visit our emergency dentist office, we can ensure that your mouth is restored to good health in a way that looks entirely natural.  This is far superior to the service, care or expertise you can expect from a hospital emergency room, where the doctors are not trained in dentistry.


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