BOTOX is the Finishing Touch to a Smile Makeover

BotoxBOTOX is an exceptionally good, minimally-invasive, solution for patients who wish to reverse some of the visible effects of aging in their faces.  It is used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and is often the perfect complement to cosmetic dentistry.
Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Makeovers

While the primary concern of all dentists is ensuring that your teeth and gums are healthy and functional, we are equally concerned with aesthetics, i.e. that is how your teeth look, especially when you smile.
Very few people have perfect teeth. And while not everyone wants a 'Hollywood' smile, all too many people are very dissatisfied with theirs. Misaligned or discolored front teeth, an unsightly gap, a crooked, chipped or missing tooth, etc. can play havoc with a person's self-confidence and cause them to be deeply conscious of, and unhappy with, their appearance. These problems can also cause embarrassment in social situations. However, if you are in this situation, the spectacular advances in cosmetic dentistry means that it is never too late to correct misaligned, poorly spaced or crooked teeth and get the smile you have always wanted. Teeth can not only be restored, but their appearance can be greatly improved. For example:
Teeth that are naturally yellowish, or have been stained by certain medications or foods, can be whitened.
Wafer thin, custom-made, dental veneers can change the shape, length, or size of an existing tooth.
Dental crowns, which are tooth-shaped "caps" that cover the visible part of the tooth can restore or change its shape.
The gum line can be sculpted to reduce the appearance of a 'gummy' smile, or correct any asymmetry.
Misaligned teeth can be straightened with braces or, in extreme cases, by surgery.
BOTOX as Part of a Smile Makeover

As beneficial as these procedures are, your appearance is not solely reliant on the changes made inside of your mouth. As you age, your skin will begin to lose elasticity. A combination of time, exposure to the sun, gravity, and insufficient moisture causes fine lines (euphemistically called "smile lines") to appear at the corners of the mouth and elsewhere. Over time, these turn into deeper wrinkles that prevent you from looking your best.
Restoring volume to the soft tissues around the mouth is just as important as changing the shape and color of a tooth, repairing chips or cracks, closing gaps or straightening misaligned teeth. By itself, BOTOX creates a much more youthful appearance, but the results are dramatic when BOTOX is used in conjunction with cosmetic dental treatments. Minimizing wrinkles and plumping up very thin lips in tandem with a whiter, straighter, and brighter smile will take years off of your appearance
Approved by the FDA in 1989, BOTOX works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. Because these muscles cannot contract, they are forced to relax which softens wrinkles and folds. Should the lines be very deep, it can be used in tandem with other injectable fillers, which add fullness and volume by plumping up the sunken areas. While the word "injectable" might sound alarming, the needle that is used is so exceptionally fine that only the slightest prick is felt.
Cosmetic dentistry can give you a beautiful smile, BOTOX can give you a smooth, plump complexion. Together they will take years off your appearance.


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