Dental Implants: Three Signs That They Are the Best Solution for You

Dental Implants

We can provide you with dental implants to replace your missing teeth. This is the most durable way to replace your missing teeth and a modern solution when compared with dentures and dental bridges.  While both of these are still fantastic options, implants provide far greater benefits.  Still, we speak with a lot of patients that are unfamiliar with implants and undecided about how they want to replace teeth.  With that in mind, here are some general indications that implants are right for you -

1)    You need durable teeth replacements.  If you engage in high-impact activities like running, it is important that your teeth can stand up to the challenge.  Dental implants are the only tooth replacement that is as durable as your natural tooth would be.  They are durable because a metal rod (the implant) is placed under the gums and secured to the jawbone. With traditional implants, this is done in each place that you are missing a tooth.  Understandably, this takes time. However, it is the only option if you want to replace your missing roots along with the visible portion of the tooth.  Given an implants durability, it also gives you the ability to eat all of your favorite foods without concern.

2)    You want to be confident in your smile. For those looking for a beautiful smile, dental implants provide it.  They look like natural teeth, so much so that it is impossible to tell the difference between what is a replacement and what is not.  In fact, many of our patients tend to forget which teeth were implanted in the first place.

3)    You do not want to worry about your teeth.  Implants do not require any additional care.  Once they are in place, you can simply brush and floss your teeth like normal. As long as you maintain good oral health and have your teeth regularly cleaned, your implants will remain in good shape.  The implants themselves are stain resistant and do not break easily.  However, they are not infallible, meaning that you have to be careful not to grind or clench your teeth or use them to open anything.  They must be treated with care like your natural teeth would be. Overall, this is a far more convenient solution than wearing dentures since most dentures are removable and need to be soaked every night after cleaning them.  Since implants do not come out, there is no need for any of these additional care steps.

As a cosmetic dentist, we can replace your teeth in a way that looks entirely natural and beautiful while giving you the ability to smile with confidence, speak clearly, and eat all of your favorite foods.  Implants are one of the solutions that we offer in addition to dental bridges and dentures.  We can help you to determine which solution is right after examining you, taking x-rays, and discussing the goals that you have for your smile.  To learn more, call and schedule a consultation today.


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