How to Get an Even More Fabulous Smile Using Dermal Fillers for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dermal FillersIf you are interested in changing how your lip appears in addition to improving your smile, call our Springfield Township, NJ dental office.  At Smilow Family Dentistry, P.C., we are a dental spa and as such, we incorporate other procedures like dermal filler for cosmetic dentistry.  Dermal fillers such as Radiesse®, Juvederm® and others can be used to change the shape and position of the lips.  In many cases, patients have a lip that is too high or crooked and these dermal fillers for cosmetic dentistry can make the lips appear more naturally beautiful.  If you live in the 07081 area and want to learn more about this innovative solution, we invite you to call (973) 379-2202 for a consultation and exam.

When examining you and planning a full smile makeover, we will typically begin by discussing what you do and don’t like about your smile.  In a traditional dental office, these conversations will center around the teeth only.  At our dental office, we will also discuss what you do and don’t like about your lips and face.  When transforming a smile, we can stop with just the teeth or make the transformation complete and, by using dermal fillers for cosmetic dentistry, we can produce a more dramatic impact.

In our Springfield Township, NJ dental spa we typically start by cleaning teeth and ensuring that the teeth and gums are healthy.  This is necessary before proceeding with any cosmetic work.  Next, we may recommend a standard teeth whitening procedure since this must be done prior to placing any dental veneers or crowns.  If your teeth are crooked, chipped, have gaps in between them or are the wrong shape and size, we can correct them using dental veneers or dental crowns that look like natural teeth.  When teeth are missing, we can replace them using dental implants or dental bridges and afterwards your smile should look amazing.  At Smilow Family Dentistry, P.C., we will use a combination of procedures to achieve the desired result.

Once done, we may use dermal fillers for cosmetic dentistry in order to even out the appearance of your lips, reduce a high lip line, and add volume to your face around your mouth.  This can help you to appear younger and healthier, in general.  When necessary, we can also provide Botox® treatments as a way to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.  As a dental spa, we offer a wide variety of solutions so that you can have a gorgeous smile and stunning appearance, all from the same medical provider.  To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our 07081 dental spa, call (973) 379-2202.

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