How a Dentist Can Help With Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Springfield Township, NJ

If you struggle with dental anxiety, you might also have difficulty getting to your dental appointments and getting much-needed procedures. Dental anxiety can be a huge barrier to better oral health. It can also cause extra stress and health problems that affect other parts of the body. There are many ways your dentist can help you with dental anxiety. Your dentist can be a good resource for techniques that allow you to feel better so that you can get the care you need.

Talk it out

Talking to the dentist about dental anxiety helps the dentist to know there is a problem. Some patients struggle with one particular part of the dental visit, while others have anxiety about all parts. If the dentist finds out that one aspect of the visit creates more anxiety than another, then the dentist can often work with the patient to identify workarounds. Sometimes, simply talking about the anxiety out loud can help the patient to feel more comfortable. The dentist can hear and acknowledge the patient’s worries and let them know that those feelings are important and do matter.

Looking for a sign

Perhaps feeling a lack of control is creating dental anxiety for the patient. One way to keep that anxiety from building up is to create a signal with the dentist. The patient can raise a hand or move an arm to let the dentist know the patient needs a break from whatever the dentist is doing. The patient can take a few breaths or take a moment to speak with the dentist. Then the dentist can resume the procedure.

Awake or asleep

For more serious procedures, dentists may need to sedate or use anesthesia to make the patient more comfortable. However, in many cases, patients have a choice as to the type of sedation. Some patients feel better staying awake during the procedure and simply receiving a local anesthetic. Other patients are too anxious and want to be totally unaware. Talk to the dentist well before the procedure to determine which option is more comfortable.

A running dialogue

Usually, the patient is unable to speak much during dental procedures since the dentist works in the mouth. However, the dentist can speak, and many patients find that reassuring. Not knowing what is going on during the visit can create a lot of anxiety in the patient. The dentist can remove some of that worry by talking about each dental instrument and what the dentist is doing at each step. Not knowing what is happening can fuel the imagination and feed anxiety, but understanding the procedure removes the fear of the unknown.

Your dentist can help with your dental anxiety

Taking charge of your oral health can impact your overall health. Your dentist can help you overcome your dental anxiety and provide you with the oral care you need to prevent more extensive issues. Talk to your dentist even if you think your fears are silly. There are many ways your dentist can help you feel better and have a successful visit each time.

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