Is a Dental Filling Permanent?

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If you recently got a dental filling or need this treatment, there are some helpful things to know first. Fillings are a common method of repairing cavities and sealing a previously decayed tooth. If you get treatment promptly, the dentist can save your tooth and prevent further damage and tooth loss. Fillings can come in various materials and can protect your teeth for several years or more.

Signs that a patient needs a dental filling

Dentists frequently treat cavities for people young and old. Young patients commonly get cavities due to ineffective brushing and eating and drinking sugary foods and beverages. Adults can be susceptible too, especially those who fail to go to the dentist’s office regularly. Tooth pain usually accompanies a cavity. People may also have tooth sensitivity to hot or cold sensations. An individual may also know they need a filling because of a visible dark spot or hole in a tooth.

The process

Getting a dental filling is a mildly invasive procedure that usually takes about an hour. The dentist will begin by numbing the patient with a local anesthetic. Once the patient is comfortable, the dentist will blow air into the person’s mouth to make sure the affected area is dry. The dentist then accesses the cavity by drilling into the tooth. The tooth is cleaned of decay and bacteria. After doing this, the dentist seals the tooth with the filling.

Composite fillings

Today, most patients prefer composite resin filling. This type of dental filling can be the same color as the tooth. This ensures that it blends in and is not noticeable. The filling bonds well with the tooth and can also be used to repair small chips. Composite fillings should last around seven years but could last up to 10 with good care and maintenance.

Gold and silver fillings

Before composite fillings were available, dentists used metal fillings. Gold and silver are still options for patients, and they offer benefits that a composite dental filling cannot match. These fillings are more durable and can work effectively for 15 years or more. Plus, these fillings can improve the person’s bite force significantly. The challenge with this alternative is that the colors will stand out, affecting the person’s smile.

Making them last

Though a dental filling is not permanent, it should do its job well for many years. Patients can extend its life span by following a few guidelines. It is essential to continue brushing at least twice a day with fluoride-based toothpaste. Visiting the dentist twice a year will also help care for the filling. The dentist can follow up and address any concerns with the patient. Avoiding sticky foods will reduce the risk of pulling out the filling.

A long-term option to treat tooth decay

Cavities can cause pain and become more severe without treatment. Your dentist can clean out the decay and place a dental filling in the affected tooth. Eventually, the dentist will have to replace the filling. Still, this solution will prevent the tooth from suffering additional problems.

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