Oral Surgery Can be Used to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Oral SurgeryAs inconvenient as oral surgery sounds, it could be necessary for removing your wisdom teeth. Do not avoid oral surgery when it is needed. Today's oral surgery is much more seamless and simple than it once was. It can also save you time and money in the long run and protect you from dangerous dental circumstances. Wisdom teeth, when left in place can cause a long list of problems you will want to avoid. Continue reading to learn more about why oral surgery might be a necessity.

Wisdom teeth can cause many problems. When we check over your teeth and gums and see an issue or take x-rays that indicate your wisdom teeth are growing in a dangerous position, we will need to take the necessary steps to remove them. A few important reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed are as follows:

Damage to teeth: When left in place, wisdom teeth can cause damage to surrounding teeth. When they grow in, they can push your other teeth out of place, causing discomfort, bite problems, and the need for cosmetic improvements. Oral surgery can eliminate this chance.

Damage to jawbone structure: If wisdom teeth are not in a good location when they grow in, they can cause jaw damage. Cysts are likely to grow, your jaw may become malformed, and you may experience nerve damage.

Damage to sinus cavities: At times, wisdom teeth can grow into your sinus cavity. This can lead to immense pain, pressure, congestion, and long-term sinus issues.

Cavities: Since wisdom teeth can easily crowd your teeth and irritate your gums, you could develop more cavities than you once did. Crowded teeth harbor bacteria and plaque.

Gum irritation: Wisdom teeth often irritate gums until they are inflamed. When your gums are inflamed, they can be harder to clean. This can spur the development of harmful bacteria and hardened plaque. Eventually, because of gum swelling and irritation, you could develop a detrimental periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

Damage to dental restorations and improvements: Not only can wisdom teeth damage and crowd other teeth, but they can also combat the effects of braces. After you have spent time and money wearing braces, it is frustrating to have wisdom teeth undo all the hard work you did. It can also harm other dental improvements like crowns, fillings, and bridges.

When you visit our office, we will look over your teeth and gums, determine the size of your jaw, and decide whether or not wisdom teeth would be a dangerous addition to your smile. In some cases, this may lead to oral surgery. Oral surgery is a very important procedure to consider when you are facing wisdom teeth that will undoubtedly displace your teeth, irritate your gums, and destroy important dental restorations. If you want to maintain the attractive, healthy smile you have, consider visiting our office for an evaluation and necessary oral surgery if needed.


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