Our Dental Office Offers BOTOX® Treatments

Dental OfficeIn our local dental office, we can improve your teeth and your appearance using BOTOX®.  Many people do not realize the connection, but we have found that when we are transforming smiles, restoring teeth, and completing smile makeovers, patients often need something to improve the appearance of the skin around their mouth and eyes.  This is why we offer comprehensive solutions that can transform your appearance and make you look both refreshed and youthful.

Dental Restorations

If you have damaged a tooth by cracking or chipping it, you should call our dental office right away.  We can conduct a physical examination and take x-rays to determine what needs to be done to restore the functionality and appearance of your tooth.  This may include dental bonding, a non-invasive and same day dentistry procedure or dental veneers.  Both solutions are excellent for restoring a chipped or cracked tooth, but they also do wonders for the appearance of teeth.  For this reason, many of our patients will ask us to address aesthetic issues at the same time that we are addressing functional ones.  For example, we can fix a chipped tooth and close a gap in between that tooth and another one at the same time.  We can cover dark stains on the damaged tooth and the rest of your teeth at the same time. Whenever possible, we look for ways to address multiple issues in the same appointment so that your time can be maximized and so that you spend less time in the dental chair.  Dental restorations are typically cosmetic procedures, making it possible for you to get everything done in one place.

Your Appearance

When you visit our dental office for restorations, let us know if you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles.  We are diligent in the dental care that we provide, committed to excellence both in functionality and aesthetics.  Still, we know that if you are embarrassed or self-conscious about your wrinkles, it will not matter how good of a job we did – you will still be unhappy.  This is why BOTOX® is such an important part of your overall treatment.  We can inject it into the skin around your eyes, in between your eyebrows and near your mouth.  The BOTOX® will make it difficult for the muscles underneath your skin to contract and create the wrinkles.  This is a solution that works from within to prevent wrinkles from forming.  We can ensure that the correct amount is used so that your appearance looks naturally beautiful, rather than fake or synthetic.

As a dentist, our goal is to help you to maintain lifelong oral health and to love your smile.  We do so by providing preventative dental care and recommend that you have your teeth examined and cleaned twice a year.  We will identify any problems that need to be treated and discuss next steps so that your teeth can remain healthy and intact.  We also want you to love your smile and appearance; so we will frequently make recommendations for cosmetic procedures.  When you visit our dental office, we will be happy to discuss all of your options including BOTOX® so that you can decide which solutions are right for you.


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