Preparing for Your Dental Implant Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Are you interested in dental implant oral surgery? If you are missing any of your teeth, this is an excellent way to replace them in a permanent fashion. Most adults suffer from some form of tooth loss as they age. This is incredibly common and often preventable with good oral hygiene and regular dental care. However, there is always the possibility of a tooth being knocked out in an accident or something like gum disease, leading to tooth loss. In this situation, you have several options for replacing the tooth. You can wear dentures or have a dental bridge or implant placed into your mouth. We recommend implants because they are the most permanent tooth replacement and incredibly durable.

The reason that dental implants are so effective is that they are surgically implanted underneath your gums and secured to your jawbone. This is an invasive process and needs to be performed by an expert in order to minimize your recovery time. It is entirely necessary because the metal post serves as a replacement to your missing tooth roots. Still, since it is a surgical procedure, it is important to know what to expect.

Plan ahead.

When getting oral surgery, it is important to plan ahead and treat it like you would any other surgical procedure. We recommend that you take a couple of days off work so that you don’t need to worry about speaking and can rest in order to promote a quick recovery. While possible, it is unwise to have implants placed and head to work the next day. Plan on taking it easy and if you have kids, ask a family member or babysitter to help you out for at least 24 hour after the surgery. After all, the more you can rest, the faster you will heal.

You should also prepare your home. We recommend that you buy soft and cool foods to eat. Things like Jello, pudding, yogurt, cottage cheese, cool soup etc., are all excellent choices during your recovery. Unfortunately, most of these things don’t contain enough nutrition to be considered a balanced meal so we recommend that you buy the ingredients to make smoothies. You can blend up all of your favorite fruits and vegetables with yogurt and protein powder for nutritious meals that won’t irritate your gums.

Another thing you should have at home is ice packs. You can pick up a few at any local drug store and place them in your freezer before coming to our office. Once home, you can ice your face for fifteen minutes at a time in order to reduce the swelling and any discomfort that you may be feeling. Remember to wrap them in a paper towel instead of applying the ice directly to your face and be sure to rest for fifteen minutes in between using them.

When you get home, you will probably be tired so have your bed ready with extra pillows, a good movie in the DVD player, bottles of water and Ibuprofen. This way you can relax, nod off and wake up in a more comfortable state. Within a few days of oral surgery, you should be back to normal so enjoy resting for a bit.

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