What Does a Smile Makeover Entail?

Smile MakeoverWhen you are unhappy with your teeth, you may be interested in learning about what a smile makeover procedure entails. Depending on what dental imperfections you dislike, your makeover could be as simple as a teeth whitening, or it could involve more than one of the following improvement procedures. In most cases, a smile makeover includes a combination of two or more of the following options.

Teeth Whitening

The first step you should take in the smile makeover process is considering a simple teeth whitening treatment. Many people do not realize that the main thing they dislike about their teeth is the staining. A teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth and give you a brighter, more beautiful smile without extra dental work.

Teeth Straightening

As a part of your smile makeover, you may want to consider going through permanent teeth straightening treatment. Teeth straightening can fix crooked and misaligned teeth. It can also improve your bite if you have an over or under bite. Teeth straightening will benefit your oral health in the long run because when your teeth are straight, you can more easily access each face, crown, and crevice for cleaning.

White Fillings and Crowns

If you have silver or amalgam fillings, it may benefit your aesthetic value to having them replaced with more appealing, tooth-colored options. We can provide durable, white, and natural-looking fillings and crowns.

Dental Veneers

When you have discoloration, chips, mottled enamel, or misaligned teeth, dental veneers are an ideal option to consider for part of your smile makeover. Dental veneers are very thin shells that are created and shaped, then bonded to the fronts of your teeth. Veneers provide attractive, durable coverage of a variety of dental flaws, and they also improve the white color of your smile. Our veneers resist staining so that you will not constantly be battling discoloration and yellowing.

Dental Implants

When you are missing teeth, it can not only cause self-consciousness, but it can also be dangerous to your overall dental health. We can provide you with a dental implant that will look and feel natural after completion. An implant will be anchored to your jawbone and then capped with an attractive, tooth-colored crown that will match your surrounding teeth. Our dental implants are permanent, realistic-looking replacements for missing teeth. In addition to dental implants, you can also choose from other dental replacement options. We can provide a semi-permanent dental bridge or a fixed dental bridge, or we can have dentures created to your individual specifications. We can tell you more about these options when you come in for a visit.

Smile Makeover in Springfield Township

These are just a few of the ways we can dramatically improve your smile. Our smile makeovers provide realistic results that last a lifetime. When you are fed up with your current teeth, we can help you find a look that suits you with our affordable and efficient options. We hope you don't hesitate to visit our office when you are ready for your smile makeover.

Live in Springfield Township, NJ and have questions about a smile makeover? Give us a call at (973) 379-2202.


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