Smile Makeover Options for Gaps in Teeth

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You might take care of your teeth, but you might find you would like to have a smile makeover over time. One reason for that might be gaps in the teeth, particularly the front ones. There might be only a small spacing issue, but it could cause you to have self-esteem issues. There are many causes, such as gum disease or thumb-sucking when young. The good news is you have many options, and these can vary quite a bit.

Fixing the issue with dental bonding

To repair gaps in the teeth, dental bonding is a great option. The dentist will have a resin the same color as the teeth and apply that to the area. Then a light is used to harden the material to keep it in place. Bonding only takes one visit to the dentist. Plus, patients do not have to have the enamel removed. That means it is possible to reverse the procedure later on.

It is less expensive and is relatively simple. However, there are some negative aspects, as well. For example, the material could become stained, meaning patients need to take extra care with it. Plus, it could cause discoloration over time. Since it is not as durable, the bonding could break later on. Eating the right foods and cleaning the teeth regularly can extend its life span.

Getting dental veneers

If the teeth are also unsightly, such as having chips, veneers might be the right option. These are porcelain or ceramic restorations that go over the teeth. These cover gaps and other issues with the teeth. Veneers are also permanent, and the repairs do not become stained, as the teeth do. These are great for smile makeovers because it is possible to customize the design and shape. That way, the devices will look as natural as possible.

Clear aligners or braces

Patients who have severe spacing might want to choose clear aligners or braces. Each is part of a smile makeover and can move the teeth to the correct locations. That improves the patient’s smile and helps the teeth function better. With braces, metal brackets are attached to the teeth.

These can move the teeth to the right locations. On the other hand, clear aligners are plastic trays that place gentle pressure on the teeth. Patients might have consultations to decide on the right option. It is a permanent solution, although patients may need to wear retainers after the treatment has finished.

Choose a smile makeover for your spacing issues today

When you have spacing problems, you could have bite problems, which might lead to digestive issues. It might also be harder to clean the teeth when there are spacing problems. You might not want to smile as much when you have spacing problems, and you may have lower self-esteem. The good news is it is not that hard to fix your spacing problems to be more in control of your appearance. The right dentist can help you smile more often.

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