Smilow Family Dentistry is Not Just a Dentist, but Also Offers a Dental Spa

Dental SpaSmilow Family Dentistry, P.C. is a dental spa located in Springfield Township, NJ.  We treat patients of all ages with an emphasis on adult dental care.  While we provide preventative dental care in order to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease, we do so in a comfortable and spa-like atmosphere.  Believing that dentistry is more than preventing cavities, we address the appearance goals that our patients have, as well.  In our dental spa, we perform full smile makeovers and even use Botox® to complete the appearance transformation.  If you are looking for an enjoyable and relaxing dental experience, call (973) 379-2202 to schedule an appointment with our 07081 dental office.

While visiting a general dentist can be effective for treating common dental concerns, visiting a dental spa allows you to have all of your oral health needs addressed while simultaneously having access to a wide range of procedures for improving your appearance.  The way that your smile looks directly impacts how people perceive you and studies have found that those with a beautiful smile are more likely to be viewed as attractive and have greater financial success at work.  With that in mind, we provide smile makeovers using a combination of treatments that may include teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, bridges, and dental implants.  In our dental spa, we can close gaps in between teeth, whiten them, cover dark stains, change the shape or size of teeth and even straighten them using cosmetic dentistry.  Once the transformation is complete, we can use Botox® to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the face and around the smile.  As a result, patients of our Springfield Township dental spa experience dramatic results and love their appearance.

At Smilow Family Dentistry, P.C., we can perform all of these procedures under sedation so that regardless of what is being completed, our patients can remain entirely relaxed and comfortable.  This is one significant advantage of visiting a dental spa – having dental work completed both comfortably and efficiently.  Additionally, we understand that the use of Botox® and other cosmetic treatments in dentistry is a modern solution and as such, not all dentists offer them.  With that in mind, if you are looking for a more comprehensive way to improve your appearance, we invite you to call (973) 379-2202 and schedule an appointment with our Springfield Township dental spa.

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