The Case for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation DentistryWe provide sedation dentistry so that all of our patients can enjoy their dental visits and get the care that they need.  This is incredibly important to us because we understand how debilitating dental anxiety or phobia can be.  For many patients, anxiety is so debilitating that they do not visit the dentist, even to have their teeth cleaned.  This, unfortunately, can create greater oral health issues, the kind that cause discomfort.  By adamantly avoiding the dentist, many people create the need for urgent dental care.  In our office, we work to bridge the gap by providing a way for patients to receive the care that they need without fear or anxiety overtaking them.

Is sedation dentistry really necessary?

Absolutely.  According to Colgate, somewhere between 9 and 15 percent of the adult population suffers from dental anxiety or phobia.  They estimate that up to 40 million people are impacted by this fear and that of this group, 36 percent don't visit the dentist for care as a result.  That represents a large percentage of the population that is in need of dental care but not receiving it due to the intensity of their fears.  We want all of our patients to be as healthy as possible and want to do our part to reduce the number of people that are fearful of dental care.  Not only do we practice gentle dentistry and use modern dental techniques but we also offer sedation so that our patients can be comfortable and anxiety-free both before and during their treatments.

What type of sedation dentistry is available?

We typically start with an oral sedative.  This can be a pill that we prescribe and is taken around an hour before starting dental work.  This easy to facilitate since all you need to do is take the pill before coming in.  This way you will not have anxiety or fear and can have a relaxed and welcoming attitude towards your dental care.  We can also use nitrous oxide or laughing gas to put you in a relaxed state.  Both are easy and effective solutions.  Once you are relaxed, we may augment this with an actual pain medication.  This is typically administered by using a shot to numb the area of your mouth that is being worked on. This makes it possible for you to speak fairly clearly once the procedure has been completed, and it won't impact your ability to move or to respond to commands.  For those that have intense anxiety, a stronger type of sedation may be necessary.  Additionally, those having oral surgery, can be given such a strong sedation that they go to sleep and don't remember anything about the procedure.

We understand that each of our patients has unique concerns and fears when it comes to dental work.  Our goal is to take the time to understand and address those concerns.  For that reason, we recommend that you schedule a consultation so that we can create a game plan that allows you to receive the dental care that you need.


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