Tips from a General Dentist to Alleviate Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Springfield Township, NJ

Suffering from dental anxiety? A lot of people struggle with fearing the dentist's office, whether it be for a routine check-up appointment or a necessary procedure. While there is nothing to be afraid of, it can be difficult to overcome these feelings. Thankfully, general dentists are trained to help patients remain calm and relaxed during appointments. Keep reading to find out a few tips on alleviating dental anxiety

Dental anxiety alleviation tips

Outlined below are a few tips on dental anxiety from a general dentist. Individuals who suffer from feelings of anxiousness, fear or nervousness can review these tips before an upcoming appointment or procedure.

Bring a music device

Music can be very helpful when it comes to dental anxiety. General dentists recommend that patients bring an MP3 player or their phone and headphones to listen to their favorite music while undergoing an appointment or procedure. Music can help the patient keep their mind off of what is going on during the dental appointment. Additionally, general dentists recommend it as a resource to use in order to stay calm and collected.

Talk to the dentist beforehand

Another tip from a general dentist on alleviating dental anxiety is to simply talk through the appointment ahead of time. A lot of people get anxious due to the unknown of what the appointment may entail. However, going over expectations beforehand can help reduce feelings of nervousness or anxiousness. More often than not, there is a fear that there will be pain or discomfort. Talking it through with the dentist gives the patient an opportunity to ask questions, go over concerns and explore any pain management resources, all of which can be very helpful in eliminating dental anxiety. 

Have a friend or family member come

Bringing a friend or family member to a dental appointment is another great way to alleviate dental anxiety. Having someone familiar there to hold a hold or provide words of affirmation can be quite helpful in easing fears. 

Bring an item of comfort

General dentists recommend that patients bring an item of comfort to their appointment! Comforting items can be helpful in alleviating dental anxiety during an appointment. Examples of items may include a blanket or pillow, keepsake, etc. 

Consider sedation

Sedation dentistry is a common practice today. A lot of patients that suffer from dental anxiety explore different methods of sedation. General dentists recommend laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, to patients of all ages. It is a mild form of sedation that helps relax the patient during an appointment or procedure. Oral and IV sedation are more moderate methods used to manage dental anxiety; however, general dentists tend to recommend them for more in-depth appointments, such as restorative procedures. 

Consult with a general dentist

Any further questions or concerns about dental anxiety should be addressed by a general dentist. Reach out today to learn more or to get scheduled for an appointment!

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