What a Smile Makeover Can Do for a Chipped Tooth

Smile Makeover Springfield Township, NJ

A smile makeover can restore your chipped tooth. It will bring back the integrity of your tooth. At the same time, it can also improve your tooth’s cosmetic issues. This restoration is all you need to have a brand-new smile in one treatment. If you are thinking about getting a smile makeover soon for your chipped tooth, here are the facts.

The definition

If a patient needs a complete treatment for a chipped tooth, a smile makeover is the most optimal choice. This procedure has various treatments to target the needs of the patient. Procedures include bonding, veneers, and crowns. A smile makeover is an efficient way to transform a smile.

The common reason for getting this makeover is to rejuvenate the tooth. This procedure aims to improve the appearance of the tooth. It enhances its function as well. With proper restoration, the patient can feel better about themselves.

A smile makeover can also improve the patient’s oral health. It may not be the primary reason for the treatments, but it is something that patients enjoy after this collection of procedures. Restorations like crowns can cover the tooth and prevent it from future damage and infections. Crowns also reinforce the tooth during chewing.

A makeover for a chipped tooth

If the chip is small, it may not cause any tooth pain at all. The patient will feel sensitivity if the chip is big enough to affect the inner layers of the tooth. Nerve exposure can cause tooth pain and sensitivity, especially when chewing or biting. Dentists refer to the chip on a chewing surface as a broken cusp.

Various procedures in a smile makeover can repair a chipped tooth. The patient will get the treatment based on the patient’s budget and preference. The tooth’s location and severity of the tooth’s damage also determine which procedures the dentist will use. Dental crowns, bonding, and veneers are common treatments for a chipped tooth.

Treatment for more issues

A smile makeover also targets other dental issues that the patient may have. It can also treat discoloration, misalignment, and tooth loss. This dental makeover can also address irregular sizes of teeth, dental weakening, and enamel erosion. It can help correct the effects of teeth grinding.

Knowing if a smile makeover is a right choice

If a patient is unhappy with several aesthetic issues, this makeover can likely help the patient. The only way to confirm if a smile makeover can help the patient is through a consultation with the dentist. A discussion of the different treatments can help explain the processes and results to the patient. Once the patient agrees to the treatment, the dentist will then create the treatment plan and share it with the patient.

A chipped tooth can get a restoration treatment with a smile makeover

If you think that you have a chipped tooth, you must go to your dentist right away. Doing so can determine the right treatment option for your case. A smile makeover can help restore the look of your tooth. It can also strengthen and support your tooth. Seeing your dentist can help you know if a full smile makeover is the right choice for you. It can also help you regain your smile.

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