What is the Recovery Time From a Tooth Extraction?

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Tooth extraction is a relatively simple procedure with minimal risks. However, patients should expect a recovery period, during which there may be some slight discomfort and difficulty chewing. This review discusses how long it takes to recover from a tooth extraction and what to expect during the recovery process.

Tooth extraction recovery: here is what you can expect

The tooth extraction recovery process may vary based upon the location and the number of teeth that are extracted. However, there are certain general recovery expectations one can have beforehand. This review discusses everything to know about tooth extraction recovery and the timeline for it,

Simple extraction vs. surgical extraction

It is first important to understand the different types of tooth extractions, which are simple and surgical extractions. A simple extraction is all that is necessary for teeth that are fully emerged through the gums, and a surgical extraction may be required for teeth that are partially or entirely impacted.

The recovery timeline after a tooth extraction

The time it takes to recover can range from a few days to more than a week, depending on the type of extraction and the number of teeth removed. A simple extraction is less invasive, so the recovery time is much faster. Generally, patients are able to recover close to all the way within two or three days. For a surgical extraction, it can take closer to a week (or more) to make a full recovery. It can take a few weeks for the gums to fully heal.

The initial symptoms after tooth extraction

The extraction itself does not cause much discomfort as anesthesia is generally used. After the procedure, there may be some discomfort in the affected area. The surrounding gums may be swollen and tender as well. The pain should be tolerable with mild pain medication and with the help of home remedies such as a cold compress. If the pain or swelling extends past a week or becomes intolerable, it may be best to notify your dentist.

How to minimize the discomfort after a tooth extraction

It is important to be careful when brushing and flossing around an extracted tooth; some dentists even recommend not brushing in the area for a day or two. It is also important to use mouthwash as directed to keep the mouth clean and reduce the risk of an oral infection. Patients should also avoid smoking or tobacco use and limit physical activity until a full recovery is made. Since there can be some discomfort during recovery, it is also helpful to eat a soft diet and drink only water.

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