Why You Should Visit a Dental Spa

Dental SpaAs a dental spa, we can treat your teeth and gums to ensure that you remain in excellent oral health and that you do so in style.  We understand that you have many options when it comes to determining which dentist to see.  We want to be your number one pick and have decided to offer you the very best so that our dental services will be more appealing than ever.  To learn more, call and schedule a consultation with our office today.

One of the things that we will discuss is what you do or do not like about your smile. This can be large or small so that whether you dislike the color of your teeth, gaps between them or the wrinkles around your smile – we can help by addressing your concerns.   Your smile, as with most things in the body, can be altered or adjusted in numerous ways.  This means that there are any number of procedures that can be combined to give you a gorgeous smile.

Something that you will find to be unique at our dental spa is that we use BOTOX®. Whether you have recently had oral surgery or are whitening your teeth, we can take the steps to improve the appearance of your smile. After the dental work is completed, we can inject BOTOX® into the fine lines and wrinkles surrounding your face.  As a dental professional, we use this procedure as the finishing product to help reduce the wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, etc.  The process works because most of the wrinkles that you have come from the muscles that are under the skin.  After years of smiling, frowning or speaking, your muscles can become tense and contract.  When they do, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be created.  This is where we come in.  By injecting the area with BOTOX®, we are forcing the muscles to relax so that they cannot create the wrinkles.  This is an incredibly effective solution and one that is not provided at most dentist offices.  To add this solution to your treatment, you need to visit our dental spa.

Other ways that we can improve your appearance is to straighten your teeth using orthodontics like Invisalign®.  If your teeth are somewhat crooked or you have large gaps in between them, there is no need to continue living with this eyesore.  Instead, we can have a customized series of aligners created that will take your teeth from where they are today to perfectly straight.  Each aligner is made of clear and durable plastic that is difficult to see when being worn.  The aligners are supposed to be worn for two weeks at a time and once loose, you can switch out your current aligner for the next one in the series until they have all been worn, and your teeth are beautifully straight.  If aligners are not your idea of a good time, we can offer other cosmetic dentistry solutions in our dental spa for improving your smile.  To learn more, call and schedule your consultation today.


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