Your Family Dentist Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy and White

Family Dentist

As a family dentist, our priority is to keep your teeth healthy.  We would like to clean and examine your teeth twice a year in order to do so.  While we know that oral health is our top priority, we also offer cosmetic solutions that make people excited to smile – which encourages paying extra attention to oral health.  One of the most popular solutions we offer is teeth whitening.  It has never been as popular as it is today, with literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world working on having whiter teeth. It is so big that the craze as spawned a multi-billion dollar industry that will sell you everything from bleaching components, to do it yourself trays, and even easy to use teeth whitening strips. Whitening your teeth has a lot to do with self-image or how people perceive themselves.

Can teeth whitening impact your life?

Many of our patients have expressed wondering if there are actual provable advantages to whiter teeth. Make no mistake, having whiter teeth boosts your confidence and self-image which is a huge advantage in and of itself. However, in an effort to see why people are so interested in teeth whitening, several studies have been done to find out what the impact of whiter teeth is on social and professional environments. It was hypothesized that having whiter teeth would, in fact, be advantageous. What the data found was truly remarkable. By an outstanding 71%, women who were surveyed reported that they made their initial judgments of a man based on his teeth. Men who have a strong, confident smile, and clearly take care of their teeth, had the edge. When it came to the professional world, it was found that people who whitened their teeth tended to be preferred, by a ratio of 53%, when it came time to give promotions and raises. Even more interestingly, when both groups applied for their dream job the people with whiter teeth were more successful by around 58%. These studies and others, conclusively proved that people with whiter teeth have an advantage regardless of whether they are in a social or professional environment.

Proven that teeth whitening does, in fact, give you advantages, it becomes imperative that you maintain your beautiful white teeth and develop habits that prevent your teeth from getting re-stained. This involves avoiding products that have a lot of chemical additive colors or natural dyes. Whitening your teeth will not last forever, as the foods you eat will eventually cause your teeth to have a stain one more. The important thing is that as long as you are careful with what you eat and develop habits like rinsing after you eat, or even better brushing, you can maintain those advantageous white teeth for much longer.  As a family dentist, we encourage this procedure because we know that if you are focused on keeping your teeth white, you will be taking steps that are good for your oral health in general.  Brushing more frequently, avoiding soda and sugary snacks, are important for preventing cavities – something that we are focused on in our family dentist office.


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